Privacy Policy

The user authorizes DOBLEROL S.L. (henceforth, the company) to employ automatically the information collected through the subscription form for the newsletters of the contest that redirects to the site, as well as the registration form of the website and/or website, in order to receive commercial or promotional information and news about the competition or topics of related interest to the user.

The user also authorizes the company to share this information with companies within the same group whose intervention is needed to fulfill the requirements outlined in this contract, and for promotional or commercial purposes, and specifically with DOBLEROL S.L. as organiser company of the contest. If users prefer that their personal information not be used for purposes of sending commercial or promotional information, they must make this decision known to the company; bearing in mind that under no circumstances does the company sell or share information contained in their files with third parties. To this end, the company offers a contact address via email at

In any case, the user may contact the company for the purposes of accessing, correcting or canceling the information provided via the current form by applying directly to the physical address mentioned above.

DOBLEROL S.L. as receiving entity, will be responsible for the file created from the information gathered, and through its governing bodies will ensure that the relevant legislation regarding the protection of personal data is correctly complied with.

In this way the company guarantees the protection, privacy and security of the personal information provided by the user in fulfillment of Spanish laws regarding privacy and information protection and security. The company will gather no sensitive information about users via the site unless the user voluntarily provides such information on the registration form.

In any case, when the user accesses the website, the company can automatically gather information in accordance with the provisions of the conditions of use and not considered sensitive in relation to the LOPD (Spanish Data Protection Act), such as type of navigator and operating system employed, number of visits, average time employed on the site, pages visited, etc. Said information will be used solely to measure the utilization of the site and to improve its content. Additionally, and in accordance with the provisions of the conditions of use, cookies may be employed for purposes of automatically recognizing the user in subsequent visits. If users prefer not to be recognized via their Internet navigator, they should delete cookies from their computer’s hard disk, block all cookies, or choose to receive a warning before cookies are saved.

The company includes on its website links to other websites. In no case is the company responsible for or guarantees in any way the privacy policies or employment of the user’s personal data undertaken by these other sites.

In cases where users must provide their email address to access one of the services offered, they may declare their wish to not receive any type of communication the company might send, as long as they are not strictly required for fulfilling the requested service.

The company offers all users who have subscribed in any kind of mailing list on its website a link to unsuscribe:

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